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Throughout our career, our focus has always been on excellence and we are proud to be recognized as a leader in the Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation industry.

We provide services to:

Executors of estates

Trust attorneys

Family members

Beneficiary and heirs

Anyone downsizing, relocating or moving in to a retirement or assisted-living home

Anyone having a desire to generate revenue from the sale of their lifelong collections and personal property.

We can accommodate an entire estate or partial collections. We conduct in home sales events when the entire contents of the home is being represented or we consign any amount of items to be sold on the internet. Occasionally when an item would be best represented being sold through a high end auction house we will provide an auction placement service for those items.

We work for you. Our goal is to attain the maximum amount each and every item will generate.

Cheryl Marks has been successfully conducting estate sales, online auctions, appraisals and related services for the past twenty-five years. Cheryl is a native of Los Angeles, California and relocated to Iowa City, Iowa over thriteen years ago. Cheryl ran her own estate sale company in Los Angeles prior to establishing her services in the Eastern Iowa area. Cheryl is a graduate of the College for Appraisers in Southern California. Cheryl has taught classes for both the OLLI and LEAP Programs through the University of Iowa Center for Aging. She has provided lectures for a variety of local associations, real estate companies, and bank trust professionals.

Her education, and experience provides her with the expertise to assess fair market value to the personal property she represents. Cheryl and her trained staff personally takes the extra steps in the preparation, research, advertising and promotion as well of the conducting of each estate to achieve the best possible outcome. We are able to represent any personal property within the home. Each sale is presented in an elegant, warm and congenial setting. The best in estate sale services found are provided by Cheryl Marks.